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HGTV’s Home Town Season 2 now airing Monday nights at 9pm/8pm c
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Products Featured On Home Town

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  • Metal Colonial Windsor Bench
    $409.00 (Robinson House)
  • Blackstone Plaid and Navy Leather Chair
    $359.00 (Robinson House)
  • Davidson Jute Rug
    $66-$660 (Holloway House)
  • Jute Bleached Rug
    $93-$1224 (Warren House)
  • Erbe Throw Pillow
    $54 (Robinson House)
  • Les Fermes Throw Pillow
    $35 (Robinson House)
  • Hampton Throw Pillow
    $50 (Robinson House)
  • Petit Boudoir Throw Pillow
    $40 (Robinson House)
  • Cut Glass Vase
    Large: $64
    Small: $30
    (Robinson House)
  • Verte Jug
    $36 (Holloway House)
  • Vintage Opera Glasses w/Case (1/2)
    4"W x 2.5"D
    $80 (Edwards House)

    **Each pair of opera glasses is uniquely aged and finished. Please inquire for further information on varieties available!*
  • Vintage Opera Glasses in Mother of Pearl (1/3)
    4"W x 2.75"D
  • Octagonal Antique Mirror Box
    4"H x 12"W x 9"D
    $160 (Edwards House)
  • Shadi Rug
    $57-528 (Trest House)
  • Shape Leg End Table
    $499 (Walker House)
  • Metal End Table with Drawer
    $363 (Walker House)
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